Writing for the Web

This writing for the web training explains how to get and keep the reader’s attention, how to give Google what it wants, and how to lead people towards action. The course can be designed around your own website, so that by the end of the session you have a set of practical steps you can take to make your site’s content more effective for your organisation.

Participants learn to:

  • Consider how people use your website and what they need from it.
  • Identify what your organisation wants to achieve with each piece of web content and direct their writing towards the desired result.
  • Structure writing to reflect the way people read online.
  • Write for humans whilst giving the search engines what they need.
  • Organise content to lead visitors towards action.

Key facts


Full day (can be split), or half day tailored to cover your top priorities.

Group size

Up to twelve.

Who should attend

Marketing teams, sales teams, web teams.

Benefits to your organisation

Train your staff in writing for the web, and you:

  • Get more leads and sales.
  • Engage customers and build relationships.
  • Get better value from your online spending.

Sample Writing for the Web workshop programme outline

  • The visitor’s perspective

    Who visits your site, and what are they looking for?

  • Your organisation’s perspective

    What do you want visitors to the site to know, think, feel, do?

  • Tone of voice

    What your writing conveys about your brand’s personality.

  • Understanding readability

    Why readability matters, how to measure it, how to improve it.

  • Writing with impact

    How to use direct and positive language, cut the fluff, and choose the words that make the most impact.

  • Sorting out structure and layout

    How to structure writing and display information to reflect the way people read on the web.

  • Getting found

    Why SEO isn’t all about keywords - and what really matters.

  • Writing headlines and sub headers

    Why headlines and sub headers are so important and how to write them.

  • Creating signposts

    How to write helpful navigation labels and links.

  • Writing calls to action

    Where to put calls to action and how to encourage people to take the next step.

Writing for the Web Workshop Prices

One-day workshop: £1350

Half-day workshop: £750

Price includes:

  • Discussion about what you want to achieve.
  • Programme tailored to your goals and incorporating your own material.
  • Printed course material.
  • Feedback to course organiser.


Expenses will be kept to a minimum and charged at cost. No charge for travel time within the UK. I will provide a best estimate of total expenses before you commit to a course.