Writing skills training

My in-house writing skills courses get people thinking about what they want to achieve with each piece of writing: what do they want their readers to know, think, feel, do?

Writing at work isn’t a literary exercise. If you’re relying on your people to communicate clearly with colleagues, develop customer relationships or bring in business by their writing, they need real-life writing skills they probably won’t have learnt at school.

Core Content

Typically, I base my programmes around the following core principles:

  • Setting your goals

    Why you need to set a goal for each piece of writing - and how to do it.

  • Meeting the needs of your readers

    Who your readers are, what’s important to them, and how you can help meet their needs.

  • Understanding readability

    Why readability matters, how to measure it, how to improve it.

  • Writing efficiently

    How to get started, keep going, and meet deadlines.

  • Sorting out structure

    How to structure and organise information so readers get the key messages quickly and easily.

  • Choosing the right words for the job

    Why some words work better than others, and how to choose the right ones for each piece of writing.

  • Writing clear and concise sentences

    How to spot what’s going wrong and sort it out.

  • Checking grammar and punctuation

    How to avoid common writing mistakes.

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How my training works

I design each course around your business and your specific needs. Whatever your chosen topic, your team will learn straightforward tactics they can use every day to help them write documents that people will read, understand, and act on.

Participants look at relevant writing examples, consider what works and what doesn’t, and explore how to apply the best ideas to real-world writing tasks. If you want to use and review your own material, I’ll build it in.

There’s plenty of discussion and lots of thinking, plus time for individual practice activities. And even participants on my scientific report-writing courses have been known to admit they had fun.

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Looking for help for just one or two individuals?

See my One to one coaching service.


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