Writing for Websites

When you’re looking for a website copywriter, do you search for someone who is simply good with words - or do you choose a writer who also understands SEO and the online environment and can help you convert visits into leads and sales?

Whether you’re looking for words for a brand new website or want better results from an existing one, I’ll provide web copy that gets results: copy that captures and keeps the reader’s attention and leads them towards action.

Writing for websites is different to writing for print. Online, people are searching for what you offer. What they want most is useful information. Answers to their questions. Help in making a decision. The minute you stop focusing on what matters to them is the minute they click away.

Work with me, and you’ll soon have a site with words that get straight to the point, address your customer’s needs directly, and give them solid reasons to buy from you rather than from a competitor.

Business benefits

  • Get found by your target customers.
  • Persuade people of the benefits of your product or service.
  • Make more sales.

Working together

I can either work from an existing website plan or content brief, or I can come in right at the start to provide content strategy support and help you plan for a site that works effectively towards business goals. I’m also happy to liaise directly with web developers and designers, so we can bring all the elements of the site together for maximum effectiveness (if you need recommendations for good people, just ask).

Whatever the starting point for your particular web project, my first step is to ask questions about your business, your customers and your competitors. I then follow this up with further web research into your industry sector. This gives me the background I need in order to come up with ideas for copy that will inform, engage, and, most importantly, convert your target customers.

Once we’re clear on the way ahead, the writing starts, with first drafts for your comment following soon after. I spend time thinking about the small nuggets of text as well as the larger blocks of content, because the words that go on buttons and in headers and calls to action are critical in convincing site visitors to take the next step.

Up-to-date SEO practices come as standard. That means writing for real people; making the most of meta text, and using the right keywords in the right way rather than littering them across the site.

You’ll have all the content by the agreed deadline, so your site can go live on schedule.