Writing for Reports and White Papers

I write well-researched and readable reports and white papers that help you attract interest and demonstrate expertise. Just that bit longer than a typical article, a report or white paper gives you the opportunity to address a topic in some depth and create information of real value to your target market.

People come to your website at various stages in the buying journey. Provide reports and white papers giving useful, relevant information for people still at the research stage, and they’ll be back when they want to take things further.

Business benefits

Solid, well-written reports and white papers that help you:

  • Attract more visitors to your site and get email sign-ups.
  • Raise your profile and strengthen your reputation.
  • Convert more visitors into interested prospects and customers.

Working together

Simply tell me what you’d like to cover, explain any particular angle you want to take, and point me in the direction of relevant background information. There’s always a huge range of possible topics. ‘How to’ pieces, hints and tips, and thought leadership pieces are just a few possibilities.

With varied experience behind me both as a writer and in a range of business roles, I can write from an informed perspective on a wide variety of topics. I’ll happily take complex or technical information and turn it into material that non-techical readers can understand; and for work that’s to be published online, SEO comes as standard.

As you build a library of reports and white papers, you’ll have documents you can use in a number of different ways: to attract people to sign up on your website; to provide supporting resources on the site; to email out to potential customers, to publish on other industry websites, and more.

Thinking about shorter pieces? See articles for newsletters and blogs