Ghostwriting: Business and non-fiction

I provide Manchester-based ghostwriting services for books and articles written to share knowledge and ideas.

Whether you know that writing’s not your thing or you just don’t have the time, I can help you become a published author.

You may want to showcase your professional expertise or personal story with a view to raising your profile or boosting business opportunities; have a collection of academic articles waiting to be pulled together, or simply have ideas worth sharing. Whatever the topic, if you’re going to publish, you want the writing to be right.

Why me?

Over the years, I’ve built up a broad base of knowledge and experience that underpins my writing skills: a degree in Oriental Studies, a diverse business background, varied voluntary roles, teaching and management qualifications, and eight years here at Writing Point - plus experience of all the ups and downs of family life.

This means I can get to grips quickly with a wide variety of topics and target reader groups, and so turn your notes and ideas into a credible and engaging book people will want to read.

Note: I don’t cover fiction.

Working together

The first step, of course, is for you to tell me what you want to write about. I can then let you know whether it’s a topic I can definitely help with.

Once we’ve agreed to go ahead, we meet (or Skype) as often as it takes for you to tell me what I need to know. You give me any notes you’ve made, together with any background research material – books, web links, papers etc. We agree an outline for the book, and I start writing. You get each chapter for review as I draft it, so you can give your feedback.

By the end, you have a complete piece of original writing that reflects your personal voice and connects with your target readership. You can then turn this into a published book with you recorded as the author. You own the copyright, and your name is on the cover.

If you are planning on getting your work published in the traditional way rather than self-publishing, we can start with a sample chapter and proposal to send to publishers in order to assess interest.

What does ghostwriting cost? For a book, costs typically start at around £350 per thousand words. This works out at, for example, £10,500 for a book of 100 pages with 300 words a page. Where a significant amount of research is needed, the costs will of course go up accordingly. I’ll be able to give you a fixed quote for your book once I know what’s involved.