Writing for Email Campaigns

Email marketing works. If you’ve got a good list and a strong offer relevant to the people on it, I can help you make money. We talk about what you want to promote and who you want to promote it to, and we agree the core sales messages. Then I think about how best to structure the campaign and what ideas will be most effective.

What are the key benefits to customers? Why would they care enough to bother reading the email? What will make your message stand out in a crowded inbox?

Ask me to work on your email campaign, and you get emails that have one goal in mind: to convince people to take the desired action. That might be getting in touch directly; it might be clicking through to a landing page on your website, booking an event, requesting further information, or simply reading a report or viewing a video.

I make sure that subject lines, email body copy and landing page copy all work together as a coherent whole, taking people step by step to where you want them to be.

Business benefits

Targeted email marketing campaigns that help you:

  • Reach specific groups with relevant messages.
  • Turn interested prospects into customers.
  • Sell more to existing customers.

Working together

In deciding what approach to take, I’m always led by who you are writing to and what you want to achieve. Cross-selling to an existing customer, for example, is very different to introducing your services to people who have simply downloaded a report or white paper from your website.

Whoever you want to reach, you’ll get a carefully-planned and structured email series that focuses clearly on the concerns of the target audience. And, of course, one of the great things about email is that it’s very easy to test. We can try different subject lines; different body content; a different landing page, and then build on what’s most effective.

New to email marketing? I can help you put the whole process into place so you have everything you need to run a professional campaign.