Whatever material you are writing, I can make it more successful. If you’ve written an academic or business article, I can increase your chances of getting it published. If you’ve drafted up web content, I can make it more effective for web readers. If you’ve written copy for promotional material, I can make it more persuasive.

Need help now?

Simply email me your document and I will return it ready to submit, send or publish.


Sharper, stronger documents that are:

  • Clearer and more convincing.
  • Easily readable by your target audience.
  • Written in good English, without grammatical errors.

Working together

As I go through your document, I will:

  • Edit wording and structure so your meaning is clear and your argument convincing.
  • Polish the style without losing your unique voice.
  • Cut out jargon and waffle.
  • Standardise grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Check that facts are consistent.
  • Write headings, introductions to articles, and any other text needed to link the document together.
  • Use readability measures to make sure that the writing is at an appropriate level for your readers.

If you’re looking at editing for an entire website, then I can also help you with wider content strategy.

Whether you feel your work needs a light touch or more substantial re-writing, I’ll be happy to take a look and give a no-obligation quote.