Writing for Customer Communications

I can help you improve customer relationships and be more productive by writing customer communications that get read, understood, and acted on. Writing in a clear, straightforward and well-structured way, and following any tone of voice guidelines already in place, I can provide effective wording for everything from routine standard emails through to lengthy explanatory letters and information packs.

Customers interpret the way you write as the way you do business. Make it easy for people to understand what you are saying and to respond appropriately, and you show you genuinely care about customers and customer service.

Business benefits

Plain English documents that help you:

  • Communicate complex or technical information simply.
  • Get readers to take the desired action faster and more often.
  • Reduce queries and admin time.

Working together

My starting point for each document is to identify what you want to achieve and who the readers will be. Next, we establish exactly what you want to say and who you want to say it to. Whether I’m updating existing documents or creating new ones, I then find the words that will best get that message or information across to your particular readers. It’s about keeping things simple. Being open and honest. Using language that creates trust.

The result is a series of communications that lead to improved customer relationships and make you more productive.