Case Study Writing

I write high-impact case studies that prove you do what you say, help your business stand out from the crowd, and give you instant credibility you just can’t get any other way.

So you can get maximum value from each customer story, I can create a variety of case study formats for you to use in different ways. These can include concise summaries, longer, more in-depth studies, and stand-alone customer quotes.

Whatever format you’re looking for, you’ll get informative and engaging case studies that explain how what you provided has helped each customer with their business challenges and why the customer is happy with the result.

Business benefits

Benefits-led case that help you:

  • Make your websites more convincing.
  • Share directly relevant success stories with specific prospects.
  • Reinforce sales messages via email newsletters and other PR activities.

Working together

First, we agree what core messages you want to promote and who each case study is to be aimed at. We then talk about your recent projects and agree which best illustrate those messages and are most relevant for the target audience. If you’re targeting niche industry sectors with specific messages, that gives us the starting point.

If you want to include customer quotes, the next step is for me to prepare relevant questions to ask each customer and to phone them for a short interview. This means I’m able to write a good proportion of the story in the form of quotes from the customer, making the messaging much more powerful. Importantly, I also look for details that will help readers identify with the scenario, as this makes the idea of working with you more concrete.

These days, there’s little that can’t be replicated, and innovations rarely stay unique for long. Case studies give you a powerful way to differentiate your business - because your success stories are yours, and yours alone.