Copywriting for Brochures and Flyers

Glossy printed brochure or smart PDF, it’s words that communicate the message and make design and print worth the investment.

When writing brochure copy, my prime objective is to help you move prospective customers further through the decision making process. How do I do this? By creating copy that talks directly to your target audience about what’s important to them.

If you can’t overcome the ‘so what’ response when someone starts to read your brochure, you’ve lost the battle. In my copy, I explain to readers why what you offer is relevant to them. I talk about the benefits they can expect to see. And I find the little details that help engage and persuade (gently).

Business benefits

Targeted brochure copy that helps you:

  • Present the right image.
  • Explain your core sales messages effectively.
  • Follow up leads professionally.

Working together

I start with your reader, not your business. All people want a brochure to tell them is what you do; why they should care, and how to take the next step. To answer their questions, I start by finding out as much as I can about what you do and what’s good about it from a customer perspective. I also look at your competitors’ sales messages.

Having pulled all the information together, I come up with a draft outline. Once that’s agreed, the words go in: clear, concise and informative writing that leads readers towards action and tells them exactly how to take it.

If you have a designer lined up, I’m happy to liaise directly with them; if not, let me know. I can bring in a trusted designer with whom I work regularly, and I’ll co-ordinate the complete project so you get a finished product you can be proud of.