Writing skills coaching

I help people at work get better results from their writing by providing one-to-one training as a personal writing coach.

Emails, newsletters, reports, press releases, articles, web pages…Whatever you need to write in your job, we’ll work on it together.

If you’re in the Macclesfield area, we can meet face-to-face for coaching sessions. Otherwise, there’s Skype, or Apple FaceTime. If all else fails, we can simply talk on the phone.

Where one-to-one coaching helps

You’re probably reading this page because you (or someone who works for you) falls into one or more of the following categories.

  • You’re worried you make basic mistakes in your writing

    If that’s the case, you’re not alone. There are all sorts of reasons why people get stuck at a certain point. What’s important is that you make the decision to do something about it before it’s too late and your career suffers.

    With me as your writing coach, you get practical teaching sessions plus ‘homework’ exercises and activities relevant to your working world. Progress at your own speed, catch up with colleagues, and start writing documents that give people confidence in what you can do.

  • You’re not making the impact you want

    The skills we learn at school don’t always translate to the real world. And even graduates with three years of essay writing behind them sometimes struggle when it comes to delivering what’s needed in the workplace.

    Whatever your focus – reports, marketing communications, or day-to-day emails and letters – I’ll put together a programme to help you wrestle your writing into shape.

  • You want to learn specific new skills

    Traditional press release or 140-character Tweet, search-engine-optimised web copy or sales letter – understand what’s different about each particular type of writing, and you’ll be far more effective. A single session is often enough to set you on the right road.

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How my writing skills coaching works

You can choose to work with me in one of two ways:

  1. Personalised Learning Programme

    Fill in gaps in your knowledge and learn new skills. A structured programme designed to meet your personal needs. Explanations, exercises, feedback on your writing, and additional practical writing activities as needed.

    It’s your programme, so it’s completely flexible. If you want us to spend time on an important real-life document, that’s fine. If you have to focus on other things for a few weeks, it’s not a problem. Feedback to managers is built in as appropriate.

    You pay a fixed price for the whole programme. Call me to discuss what you’re looking for, send some examples of your writing, and I will suggest a programme and give you the price.

  2. Feedback only

    Get feedback on your day-to-day writing. Contact me when you need to, get help with specific issues, and write better documents from day one.

    You book a fixed number of hours, charged at an hourly rate of £70. When you need to go through something, simply email me the document you’re working on and we’ll schedule a suitable time slot to talk. That might be a 10-minute chat to sort out a few simple points, or a longer session to go through things in detail.

    There’s no minimum number of hours. If you want to start with one and see how it goes, that’s fine.

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Looking for training for a group?

See my Writing skills training workshops.


To talk to me about what you want to achieve with your writing, give me a call
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