About Beverley Moore at Writing Point

Writing Point is run by me, Beverley Moore. I’m a Manchester-based copywriter, content strategist and trainer. I launched Writing Point in 2006, and have been helping clients get better results from their writing and their websites ever since.

To find out more about my background and whether I’m a good fit for your business needs, read on.

More than a copywriter: strong business background

Before setting up Writing Point, I spent twenty-plus years working with customers at the sharp end in business, where customer satisfaction and profitability are what count. I’ve had management roles in operations, business development, marketing, customer service and staff training. I worked in tour operating, event management and association management. Customers ranged from American senior citizens on study tours of Europe through to blue-chip pharmaceutical companies.

I played a significant part in the growth of two very different businesses, and worked with a wide range of membership organisations to help them develop their activities and operations.I learnt to communicate effectively with a target audience, to design processes that are easy to use, and to create experiences that make people happy.

And along the way, I picked up both management and teaching qualifications.

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Writing expertise

Writing has been key to success in all my business roles. My first revamp of a holiday brochure in the early 1990s led to an increase in bookings, and I’ve been writing effective business-critical material ever since. It was my interest in words and communication that led to me setting up Writing Point. As a manager, I’d seen first hand how good writing could strengthen customer relationships and how poor writing could destroy them. I wanted to help other businesses by sharing what works.

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What all this means for you

Because I’ve had such varied business experiences, you’ll find I‘m commercially aware and get to grips with new projects quickly. Some copywriters describe themselves as wordsmiths. I don’t. My role is to help you get the result you want. I ask questions, listen to the answers, and come up with insights into what you do that inform how I handle both writing and content strategy advice.

Most of all, you’ll find I can put myself in the customer’s shoes. Because whether you’re looking at copywriting or content strategy, being able to see each element from the reader’s perspective is the key to success. Understand what matters to the reader or customer, structure communications around it, and you will improve your results.

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Additional scientific & technical expertise

Input on scientific writing and training programmes is provided by Dr Russell Huby, who brings over 25 years of industry experience and knowledge.

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Wider team for complete projects

I work closely with a small team of specialists. If your project needs a designer, web developer, photographer or other creative contributor, I can pull a team together. You get the benefit of a group of experienced people working together - and pay freelance rates rather than agency fees.

Ready to get in touch? Call me on 01625 610951 or email me here.